Say hello to thousands of new travelers

FedRooms puts your property in front of government travelers

As the only official government-wide lodging program, FedRooms increases your visibility to government travelers. Gain access to maximize your market share and receive priority listing on both ETS and DTS booking tools.

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Are you interested in FedRooms?

FedRooms is a managed hotel program with an annual RFP process. Information about the RFP can be found in our FedRooms LinkedIn group, which is posted each year in late May or early June.



In order to be considered into the FedRooms program, your property must meet our program requirements:

  • FEMA certified and ADA compliant
  • Competitive rate at or below per diem
  • Cancellation policy of 4 p.m. day of arrival or later (domestic) and no more than 24 hours (international)
  • At least 2 crowns
  • No deposit or early departure fees
  • Monthly production reporting and payment
  • Book FedRooms rate when requested
  • Compliance with all terms and conditions
  • Complimentary guest room internet


RFP Process

2023 FEDROOMS RFP Business Cases

Business cases for the 2023 FedRooms RFP are due by July 12, 2022. Please check the FedRooms Group on LinkedIn: FedRooms for detailed information on whether or not you need to submit a business case and where to send it.

Download the form here


Be sure to read the first tab “Read This First” for the Instructions.

We will not be able to notify you or return business cases with missing or incorrect information and/or are submitted late.

Submitting the business case is not your final step. If your property meets our requirements, you will receive an email solicitation from Cvent/Lanyon on or about August 29th.  At the end of that solicitation email, you will find log-in information and instructions for submitting your bid through the Cvent/Lanyon RFP tool. You must respond to the solicitation by submitting a bid in Cvent/Lanyon.

Be sure to follow the FedRooms Group on LinkedIn for 2023 FedRooms RFP updates.


New Offering: FedRooms Office Hours 

Do you have specific questions about your property or brand for the FedRooms team? New this fall, our FedRooms experts will be available for office hours the following Tuesday after our monthly webinar for hoteliers.



We will post office hour times and webinar access information prior to each upcoming session

Report & Remit

If your hotel does not report and remit centrally, reporting your FedRooms production is as easy as providing your room nights and revenue monthly. Due by the 20th of each month, and payments need to be received 30 days after receiving the invoice. Please reach out to with questions. 

See downloads

Reporting for individual properties

Use our self-reporting website. Properties are reported by FEMA number.


Advertising with FedRooms

We offer unique opportunities for you to reach FedRooms travelers, ensuring your property is presented to the right audience at the right time.

Download the FedRooms Advertising Media Kit