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The 2020 RFP season is underway!

2020 RFP Season: Business Case Submissions

The 2020 RFP season is underway! If your property is not in the 2019 FedRooms program and you would like us to evaluate it for our 2020 program, you will need to submit a business case. 

Download the form here, fill it out and email the completed form to rfp@fedrooms.com.

Please remember that the business case is your primary opportunity to present your property in the best way possible so be sure to fill it out completely. Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Radisson, Wyndham and many of the smaller hotel groups manage the FedRooms RFP centrally. If you are affiliated with one of these groups, check with the individual who manages government accounts for instructions rather than submitting a business case to us directly. If you don’t know who the FedRooms national account contact is for your hotel group, please check the Hoteliers page and scroll down to the “National Hotel Contacts” option.

Submitting the business case is not your final step. If your property meets our requirements, you will receive an email solicitation from "Lanyon RFP" by mid-September. At the end of the solicitation email, you will find log-in information and instructions for submitting your bid through the Lanyon RFP tool.

If you are affiliated with a group that manages the FedRooms RFP centrally, you will receive instructions for completing the RFP from your hotel group rather than directly from “Lanyon RFP”.  Once the bids are reviewed, properties will be notified by mid-November whether or not the bid has been accepted.