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The FedRooms rate guarantees travelers will not be charged add-on fees

Avoid Add-On Fees with the FedRooms Rate Guarantee

Add-on fees are becomnig increasingly more prevalent in the hotel industry today, particularly in markets that are popular for leisure travel.

To keep published rates attractive, hotels may offer a lower upfront rate to travelers, and then use mandatory add-on fees to make up for lost revenue. The extra fees often apply to items that travelers would expect to be included with the price of the room.

Common additional add-on fees may include the in-room safe, resort, health club, fax/printing, concierge and urban destination fees. Whether the traveler uses these amenities or not, these fees are mandatory and cannot be avoided. 

Our FedRooms rate guarantees that travelers will not be charged mandatory add-on fees. The room rate you see upon booking is the rate you will be charged.  

Booking FedRooms also ensures travelers will receive:

-  Rates at or below per diem

-  No early check-out fees

-  Complimentary in-room Wi-Fi

-  Cancellation policy of 4:00 p.m. day or arrival or later (domestic) and no more than 24 hours (international)

Avoid unwanted surprises on your bill by always booking the FedRooms rate through your approved booking channel or FedRooms.com when policy allows.