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Be sure to book FedRooms rates for your next trip!

Book FedRooms Rates for Optimal Benefits

Selecting a hotel can be a complicated and multi-step process. Factors like room rates, location, amenities, brand loyalty and positive reviews from other travelers are typically the primary decision making drivers when choosing a property. 

Last year, however, the COVID-19 pandemic added even more factors to consider when booking a trip.

Travelers may wonder – is it safe to walk through common areas like a lobby? Can I eat in a communal space like a dining room? Should I opt to stay at a private rental instead? Am I at risk of contracting COVID-19 through a room that has not been thoroughly cleaned?

Currently over a year into the pandemic, FedRooms hotels are prepared to safely host government travelers. Compared to private rentals with potentially inconsistent policies, hotels have professional cleaning staff who follow standard brand-wide procedures to ensure rooms are as clean as possible between guests. Travelers can access a comprehensive list of these cleaning measures on FedRooms.com when scrolling down to the “Cleanliness Standards” section. The list is organized by our major brand partners with links to new policies and programs launched to keep travelers safe while on the road.

Many brands also offer virtual check-in through smartphones, eliminating the need to come into contact with another person to gain access to the room.

As always, FedRooms continues to work with our hotel industry partners to offer great rates for military and government travelers including benefits such as:

-  Unparalleled flexibility (4:00 p.m. day of arrival cancellation policy for domestic properties and 24 hours before arrival cancellation policy for international properties)

-  No early departure fees

-  No minimum stay requirements

-  No additional fees (i.e. resort, booking, etc.)

-  Complementary in-room WiFi

-  ADA compliant and FEMA certified within the US and US territories

The opportunity to earn brand reward points is also a key benefit this year with the recent FedRooms special spring promotions. Be sure to book FedRooms rates for your next trip!