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Housekeeping will now be an optional service at some major FedRooms hotel partner brands

Catering to Traveler Comfort: Hotels Shift to On Demand Housekeeping During Your Stay

Hilton Hotels announced this summer that housekeeping will now be an optional service during your stay across its U.S. based non-luxury properties.

Housekeeping will be performed only when requested by a guest during their trip. For those booking a longer stay, housekeeping services will be scheduled automatically on the fifth day.

Similar to Hilton, Marriott is also continuing daily housekeeping only at luxury brands unless otherwise directed by the guest. Guests at non-luxury Marriott brands can choose their preferred housekeeping service frequency during their stay. Check out this USA Today article for more detailed information on housekeeping policies for other major hotel brands as they continue to evolve for the needs of the traveler.

According to Hilton, there are two main reasons for the shift in policy. The main justification being to limit guest interaction with hotel staff. According to a poll of over 2,200 American adults conducted by Morning Consult on behalf of the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), nearly two-thirds of guests surveyed in August of 2020 did not want daily housekeeping. This same survey revealed that 86 percent of travelers believe that suspending daily housekeeping would increase their comfort level staying at a hotel.

"Our guests have told us that they have varying levels of comfort with someone entering their rooms after they have checked in," said Hilton in a statement. "We encourage our guests to call the front desk to request room cleaning, and our team members stand ready to assist with extra towels or amenities."

The second justification for reduced frequency of housekeeping is the growing labor shortage within the hospitality industry. According to an April 2021 jobs report from Tourism Economics, Leisure & Hospitality employment remains 17 percent below February 2020 levels. This is six percentage points more than the next most hard-hit industry. Brands like Hilton are shifting staff resources to allow them to be as productive as possible while still being able to ensure traveler safety as a top priority.

Environmentally conscious travelers may opt out of daily housekeeping voluntarily to reduce the amount of water and energy used throughout their stay. Properties also provide door hangers for guests who do not wish to have their room cleaned. This is not only a greener practice, using less water and resources, but also efficiently helps hotels meet traveler needs.