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Exceptional service is still key to success

Too Much Technology? What Hotel Guests Really Want

The hospitality industry has made huge strides when it comes to staying on top of technology trends and integrating new features into booking tools, hotel rooms and customer service. 

According to Oracle Hospitality's 2019 Hospitality Benchmark, these enhancements may not necessarily meet guests’ needs. For instance, a push to promote mobile booking tools has swept the hotel industry, and while guests between the ages of 18 and 34 are likely to adapt to mobile platforms, guests above 34 still prefer email or a phone call. Overall, most guests say that they prefer to interact with an actual person when making reservations or dealing with a customer service problem.

Hotels were also evaluated on their in-room technology and smart device features. The number one amenity guests say they want is better in-room Wi-Fi. Of the respondents, 59% say this feature would make for a more comfortable stay and 56% said they do not want to interact with smart devices, robot butlers and other high-tech room amenities.

While advancements are always in the works and offer very positive and necessary improvements, hotel guests still show the most appreciation for the simplest amenities like housekeeping, friendly staff and room service. As hotels look to the future, there’s significant evidence to show that focusing mainly on exceptional service might be the key to success.