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Adapting spaces to maximize guest satisfaction

Hotels Prioritizing Guest Comfort in 2018

Many of our FedRooms partner hoteliers are taking action this year to prioritize traveler comfort. In a world where traveler expectations are high, hoteliers continue to adapt their spaces to maximize guest satisfaction. One major trend in 2018 is minimizing guest room noise to promote an optimal sleep experience. 

Larger brands like Wyndham and IHG have opted to install double-insulated walls, noise reducing windows, thicker headboards and quieter air-conditioning units for a more relaxed guest sleep environment. Hilton is testing out several noise-cancelling initiatives, including a chain of “Sound Sleep” rooms where speakers around the room emit white noise that can be controlled through a knob next to the thermostat. Other initiatives include the use of blackout curtains, night lighting and padded walls that act as a noise barrier. According to a National Sleep Foundation study cited in this USA Today article, 74% of 1,004 travelers said a quiet room was key to getting a good night’s rest.

In addition to focusing on minimizing noise impact, innovative FedRooms hoteliers have also evolved their lobbies into interactive and collaborative spaces. In the past, hotel lobbies assumed the role of a waiting area for travelers to check-in and check-out. Many newer or redesigned hotels have chosen to take advantage of the lobby area by transforming the space into a multi-functional area where guests wish to spend time.

The lobby is the first impression that guests have of a property. Optimizing this space as a communal area where travelers can work, socialize and relax is crucial to the 2018 traveler experience. Some brands like Drury Inn and Suites offer a “Kickback” option for travelers to enjoy snacks, complimentary drinks and popcorn in the lobby every day from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Other brands are replacing traditional front desks with sit-down, comfortable concierge desks that incorporate easy-to-use smart technology for a simplified check-in process.

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