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FedRooms rates will never include resort fees or unexpected charges

No Add-On Fees with FedRooms Rate Guarantee

It is a frustrating feeling when you find a decent hotel room rate, only to be hit with multiple fees and add-ons at checkout. These extra charges are often labeled as resort or hotel fees, which typically cover amenities and other services that the hotel offers, but that you may not actually use.

In a recent lawsuit, DC targets Hilton and Marriott for failing to disclose fees up front. Using a tactic known as “drip pricing”, these hotel chains reveal only a portion of the final room price at the start, and add on the remaining fees later in the booking process. These additional charges can be anywhere from $25 to $95 a night or more, making a sizable difference in the end room rate.

At FedRooms, we are committed to transparency. Your FedRooms rate will never include any resort fees or unexpected charges, only the rate shown at the start of your hotel search. This simplifies the booking process, protects you from unexpected charges and ensures a final rate that is always at or below per diem. In addition, booking through a third party site might result in even more add-on fees that can be easily overlooked if a seemingly lower rate is advertised at the start.

Protect yourself from these unknowns by booking with FedRooms for the best value guaranteed. We take our rate guarantee seriously at FedRooms, meaning that the rate you see is the rate that you should be charged. Please be sure to check your hotel folio at the end of your stay. If you were charged an add-on fee during a recent trip booked at a FedRooms property under a FedRooms rate, reach out to our Help Desk at hotels@fedrooms.com, or 800.226.1741.