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The FedRooms guarantee is our promise that every room booked is held to the highest standard

At FedRooms, the Traveler Comes First

We are proud to serve some of the hardest working individuals in the country, and as such, we strive to provide the quality and care they deserve.

The FedRooms guarantee is our promise to military and government travelers that every single room comes with standardized amenities you can count on. This includes:

-  Rates always at or below per diem

-  No hidden service or resort fees unless the traveler asks for and uses the service

-  No early check-out fees

-  No minimum stay requirements

-  No minimum stay requirements

-  Complimentary guest room internet

-  Opportunity to earn brand loyalty points

More than 60% of our major market hotels have a crown rating of three or more, and according to our recent statistics, FedRooms rates are an average of around $15.50 below per diem.

Protecting our travelers is the number one priority and that means transparency in our promises, and eliminating hidden costs like resort or add-on fees, cancellation fees and minimum stay requirements. You won’t find any of these restrictions at FedRooms, so the rate you book is the rate you get.